September 27, 2008

House is quite...hubby is at work again (on call at hospital)...Fred/George is fishing, climbing trees, and playing pool (with granny and grandpa at family reunion)...Ron and Ginny are at their friend's 18th birthday party. I should be busy...putting up coupons, searching for deals, cleaning the house,but alas I am here telling you about what I am not doing!!

I have clipped my coupons though (just not put them in my binder) - that's productive right???? I go shopping on Sundays. Mostly Homeland and CVS, but also sometimes Tom Thumb, Walmart, Albertsons, Kroger, and Walgreens. One store I go to calls me the "Coupon Queen"! I don't mind, just happily take my coupons and give me the deals! One of these days I will take pictures of my huge binder for you. I love helping new people coupon shop. They are amazed at what you can get for pennies on the dollar! I need to find someone who gardens and barter with them...teach me to garden and I'll teach you to coupon shop...naaaah not a fair trade!

Meet the family

Mr. Weasley: This is my wonderful husband. He is my rock and my forever. He is a pain in the ass but I love him still...somebody has too! :)

How he is like Mr. Weasley......he loves his family and he works hard to give his family what he can.

Ron: My son is 18. He is in his first year of college and doing well. He has Asperger's Syndrome. He is my gentle giant. He graduated from our homeschool this year (2008). Since he is doing good in college, I guess I didn't screw him up too much.

How he is like Ron: He actually looks like Harry Potter with red hair. He is loyal to his friends and family. Can be a goof.

Ginny: My daughter is 16. She is gorgeous! She has the kindest heart. She has been a vegetarian for almost two years now...I don't know how she does it! She is homeschooling high school.

How she is like Ginny: She is brave (way more than I was at that age). She is shy. She is a listener. Cares deeply about her family and friends.

Fred/George: My son is 11 1/2. We have survived almost 12 years and he has managed to still be alive and all his limbs intact...with stitches only once...his guardian fairy must fly very fast! Mischief, playfullness, entepreneur, mischief, loving, smart, mischief... He is dyslexic so we don't go by grade levels but he is mostly around 5th/6th grade (except for reading).
How he is like Fred and George: read description above! Did I say mischief?

And, of course that would make me Mrs. Weasley.

Well, that's my family. Of course, these are not our real names but we are a family of redheads so it fits.

We have been homeschooling for almost 9 years. We have tried different homeschooling styles and tons of different curriculum. I don't use a specific label to describe our homeschool because we use what works from everything we touch. We are unschoolers. We are classical homeschoolers. We are interest-led child focused. But one thing we are not is "school at home"!! We strive to find what works for each child.

September 26, 2008

Setting up this blog

Well, I have to admit it - I know nothing of html. I have an idea of how I would like this blog to look...have the pictures I would like used (I open to ideas).

If anyone stumbles upon this, as I am trying to work this out, and would like to help... just let me know. I could use all the help I can get!!!