October 24, 2008

10/05/08 shopping

Since I can't give totals for last weekend (see old post), I found the receipts from 10/05. I did not go shopping on 10/11.

spent: $36.40
saved: $282.95
Saved: 89%
(I don't usually spend this much but they had lots of clearance that I could maybe use for xmas. I got 2-razors, 2-vitamins, 4-12pk. sodas, 3-Barbie DVDs, 5-2pk. Disney socks, 4-lunchboxes, 10-disposable cameras, 3-3pk. mosquito bracelets, 1-Uno bucket, 2-spiderman games, 1-glucose meter, and 1-Always pads.)

spent: $33.92
saved: $326.38
Saved: 91%

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