October 26, 2008

10/19 and 10/26 shopping

Okay got receipts from last week. Thankfully everything was still in my pouch!!

I posted about my 10/19 CVS in the previous post - so this is the remainder of my totals for that day

Spent: $5.20
Saved: $236.30 - 98%

And here is today's totals:

Kroger -
Spent: $3.75
Saved: $44.53 - 92%
Spent: $8.74
Saved: $196.19 - 96%
Spent: .03
Saved: $28.04 - 100%
(Spent $11.97 in ecbs and only got $7 ecbs. Used my ecbs to get the soda deal...wish we were not addicted to carbonated beverages!!!!!)

Awesome day! Mostly just got freebies today.

This is NOT just a couponing blog!! Promise! Just nothing else interesting is going on right now! Here I will show you....see next post

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