October 20, 2008

10/19 Shopping

This is the day where I would tell you what I saved this weekend....I know I did good...spent somewhere around $5.00 for about $100.00 in groceries...but can I give you details...nooooooo...why you might ask? Well, see it was not my fault really...okay...see it's like this...

I have this really thick coupon book (the TOMB - I think the binder is 6" thick) and I also have this small coupon holder (plastic check divider). As I search for deals and such, I pull the coupons from the big binder and put them in the little holder. The holder is divided into Homeland, CVS, Other - and then in the back I put the receipts for the day, coupons I don't use etc. So anyway, for CVS I only need to take in the small holder and keep the TOMB in car.

Well, that little holder is still at CVS. I can't say how it happened. I keep track of my coupons like they are money (to me they are!). I know the manager so it is safe until next week. Next week - yeah - it's 30 minutes away - so with gas the way it is, it will have to wait until I can go next weekend.

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