October 3, 2008

Another Friday

Ever notice the older you get - the faster time passes?

Ginny went to the unschool park day with her friends. Fred/George played Wonderland on the computer (he's reading!! sshhh don't tell him!). Ron did his college homework and played video games. Hubby worked then slept. I paid bills. Are you excited yet? (*snore*)

I have also spent the day looking at other blogs about canning, gardening, and homesteading. I realize I need to get a garden going again if I want to make it worth while. Last year the grasshoppers ate everything I planted!! Everything!! There were thousands and thousands of them. My four poor chickens did what they could but it was the end of my garden. (Our chickens were got by a skunk this spring). Now, I feel defeated...did I forget to mention it was my very FIRST garden???

I would love to have a big greenhouse, a large garden, and fruit trees and bushes. To can something I grew, how fullfilling! I have the room to do it....just not the know how. .....

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