October 11, 2008

The Fabulous-ness that is He

There is nothing more sexy than a man who works very hard, puts his family first, holds your hand every moment he can, crochets, cooks, sometimes cleans, carves (crochet needles, magic wands, hearts, etc), and calls you during the day just to say he loves you and is thinking of you.

Just in case you did not know - my husband rocks! :) Good thing he does not read this..he would be embarrassed!

My hubby, who is on call, worked all week and most of last night - has did this so far today:

1. took our oldest son to work

2. went to work himself (he is on call at the hospital)

3. stopped by the grocery store and got milk, bread, sugar (because he knows I want to can pears), chicken (he found a great sale!), and my newspapers (for coupons). He even remembered to use the coupons for the newspapers!

4. made homemade fried chicken

5. vacuum sealed the remaining chicken (I can't believe he remembered!)

6. went back to work again!

All before noon. Yes, my sweetie is fabulous. I think I'm in love!! :) I am not worthy.

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