October 19, 2008

Greetings from the packrat...

Have you seen those shows that help packrats purge their houses...like Clean Sweep. They show these really messy rooms, convince people to let go of years of priceless momentos clutter, then clean up, paint it, and make it look all purty. I love those shows!! I can at least resign myself into knowing that my house is not as bad as those people. LOL I am the daughter of two packrats...it is in my genes. It is hard to get rid of things I like or love and might need one day. I fight it every step of the way! I put stuff on Freecycle all the time. Too bad I bring stuff in too!

What if I pass up this great find (insert any number of things here) and need it sometime in the future? I don't want to pay full price for it then! - Well this kind of logic has made my house full. I have things that I don't/have never/hardly ever use. But I can not seem to throw away. I plan to use "it" really I do....really...stop laughing...I hear you!!

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