October 1, 2008

Homeschool 2009 - Fred/George

With Fred/George, we have mostly unschooled up until now. He is severely dyslexic. He is very bright and has learned so much by unschooling. He is wanting more now and is wanting to learn to read better so here we are. He has picked up workbooks and texts here and there over the years and done well with them if they are read orally to him. But like I said, he is wanting more, so I am giving him more. Many people think it is weird that we are so classical in nature (loosely following TWTM) but we are also unschoolers. I hate the labels. If you must label us....maybe interest-led? Well, I digress....that's fodder for another post. We need curriculum that is oral based....not finding much. He is very independent and does not like me to read everything to him, so whatever I can find that will read it to him so he can do it on his own will be FABULOUS!!!

Math: In math, we have worked off and on in textbooks and workbooks, but math comes easy for him to a point. He is also dysgraphic. I am thinking of using Teaching Textbooks 5 next year. It is on the computer and the program explains things to you step by step. Has anyone had experience with this?
Science: For right now, I think we are going with Prentice Hall Science Explorer series. I have picked out the ones that I think would interest him: Animals, Chemical (something), Chemical Interactions, Motion/Force/Energy, Electricity & Magnets, and Sound & Light. I bought, from PH, the Animal book on audio cd. If that works, I will buy the others on cd...they are expensive. I also bought the adapted workbooks for each of the above. The adapted ones just have a little easier words in them (4th grade level instead of 6th grade level I think). I am still looking for lesson plans for these. So if you have used these and have a lesson plan or you have seen one one the net (I have looked and looked), please let me know!!
History: We will definitely be doing History Odyssey Medieval Level 1. (My older kids did Level Two and really liked it)
English: Here I am really not sure. We have slowly been working through Spectrum Phonics. It is just enough for him and not too stressful. I am working with the diagnostician that did his testing and she is going to be helping me with this. But I am open to ideas.

So what we are looking for is:

Anything to help with dyslexia. Curriculum suggestions that read it to you (oral) but are able to be used independently. He is at the age where it can not be "babyish."

Any ideas????

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