October 1, 2008

Homeschool 2009 - Ginny

Our school year is almost over. We school year-round, so our new school year starts in January. So, now I am planning for our new year....and have came up blank! It should get easier every year!! Only two homeschooling this coming year, Ron is now in college.

Ginny - Ginny does most of her school on her own. She likes a lesson plan to follow but can deviate from it if she needs too (like mother like daughter). She learns differently in each subject.
Math: Math is hard for her. She is just not getting algebra. We have tried Saxon, Teaching Textbooks, Singapore, and even Key to Algebra. I am pretty sure she has dyscalculia. I have suggested just skipping algebra and doing a consumer math or personal finance, but she has her dreams and for some reason she thinks she NEEDS algebra. We have put it aside for now and she has been doing geometry. I am really considering getting "Life of Fred" algebra and seeing how that goes. Anyone used that? She doesn't want a tutor but I may have to break down and do that route here.
Science: She is finishing up Biology right now. She did 1/2 a credit of chemistry last year with my oldest but about half way through it was too hard since she did not know algebra (Spectrum Chemistry). So what next? She doesn't want to do physics. She would like to do Zoology but all the texts I have seen are way to advanced for her (they are advanced college texts). So has anyone heard of a high school level zoology course? It could be a unit study, online course, or text (w/lesson plan). Please let me know if you know of something.
Social Studies: Well, she has 1 credit in World History-Ancients, 1/2 credit government, 1/2 credit US History. A friend just gave us a course that is music/art history - starting from ancients. She hasn't decided if she wants to do this or not.
English: She has 1 credit for poetry. (She has spent the last year or two reading every poetry book she could get her hands on.) 1/2 credit for grammar (Easy Grammar plus), 1/2 credit for writing (we had a tutor for about 4 months)....and I think that is it. I will probably put her Shakespeare Studies (1/2 credit) here too but I'm not sure. She really needs help in taking sentences to paragraphs, then making paragraphs into essays. Also, we probably vocabulary. Any suggestions?
Other: She has 1/2 credit for Introduction to Business, 1/2 credit for keyboarding, 1/2 credit for Introduction to Computers, 1/2 credit for British Medieval Literature, 1/2 credit for Introduction to Psychology. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There may be more that I am just not remembering this morning.

So what we are looking for is:
Science - Zoology?
English - Composition (from sentences to essays...step by step), vocabulary
Other - Another psychology course, a computer course (get her more familiar with the computer ins and outs, or teach her adobe photoshop, or ????), digital photography course

I'm sure there is more but that's what I can think of now.

Now for Fred/George...........

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