November 20, 2008

Getting ready for Turkey Day

Thanksgiving at my house.... I really don't mind the family coming it's the preparation before hand that makes me start groaning. Scrubbing toilets (LOL), dusting, hiding all my crap, sweeping, mopping, cleaning zones (yeah right), probably dusting again (I hate living on a dirt road), and did I mention cleaning the bathrooms. There is a reason I never go into the boys bathroom!

My hubby makes a wonderful moist turkey or two, a ham, many different dressings (his has onions and gizzards in it, one has onions but no meat, and one is plain jane with not even onions in it) and his famous homemade rolls (mmmm mouth watering!!). The kids and I do everything else. We have to take into account one vegetarian (my daughter) and two diabetics and still make everything ubber yummy!

Any ideas?

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