November 6, 2008

Pumpkin Puree

Making pumpkin puree is not hard but it is a lot of work. A special thanks to TennZen and Pioneer Woman for their step by step directions and PICTURES. There are so many recipes out there but not a lot of step by step pictured ones. And people like *me* need those!

The steps were simple:

1. Cut pumpkins in half, scoop out the strings and seeds (saved seeds for later), cut into big chunks *done*
2. cook in oven for an hour *done - wasn't sure if they were done or not but fork went into it easily and they looked like Ree's pictures so I figured I was okay*

3. Peel skin off and chop into chunks *done - I didn't even cut myself - yeah! - It was pretty easy getting the skins off. They were VERY watery though.*

4. Used the food processor to puree it. *done - really needed to puree it more. These big pumpkins don't really have much taste. I can't wait to try the smaller pumpkins so I can see if there is a big difference in taste. Don't laugh but that was my first time using a food processor....I know, I know...

5. Drained the water *done - Did I say that these things were watery?? Very much so. I let it drain for hours and it was still having water come out of it. I don't think I did anything wrong...I read online where the bigger pumpkins were more watery, so I think I'm okay.* (not to self - find a new and larger strainer)

6. Put in baggies and freeze *done - ONE pumpkin made 8 cups of puree! Yes I can count, there are only three bags - I used 2 cups for chocolate pumpkins muffins...which did not turn out as well at all...hubby is eating them though...sweet sweet hubby!

Well, one pumpkin down and quite a few more to go! Hopefully I will fix the mistakes learning opportunities I made in the first batch (cook it a little longer, puree it more)and the next batches will be better. I can't wait to try pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins.......

I have the pumpkin seeds saved to roast tomorrow. I have never tried pumpkin seeds before. Do you eat them like sunflower seeds or eat the whole thing?

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