January 31, 2009

A whole month??? and NEWS!!

Where did it go! When nothing new is happening, I have a hard time pulling words out of thin air. Nobody wants to hear the same ole thing every week. I went shopping, homeschooled my kids, slept....ooooh interesting!! LOL!! A few interesting and exciting tidbits have happened though, so here I am.

1. My son is getting his first apartment!!! ....it's sad...it's great... it's.... he's gone and grew up on me!! How dare he!!

I know, kids do it all the time but this is MY baby! *sigh* I am so proud of him. Really, I am. No matter how sad it makes me, I am happy for him. See, he has Asperger's Syndrome and we didn't even know if this day would come.

We are on the search for hand-me downs to furnish his apartment. It is amazing all the little things you need. Here's his list that we came up with. His colors are RED and BLACK.

rug DONE
end table DONE
coffee table DONE
entertainment center DONE
computer desk DONE
computer chair DONE
computer DONE
towels DONE
wash rags DONE
hand towels DONE
bathroom rugs DONE
shower curtain DONE
shower liner DONE
shower rings DONE
toiletries DONE
bath trash can DONE
microwave DONE
skillet DONE
pots DONE
baking pans DONE
leftover containers DONE
measure cup DONE
cooking utensils DONE
forks/spoons/knives DONE
plates DONE
cups DONE
bowls DONE
mixing bowls DONE
colander DONE
kitchen rugs DONE
kitchen trash can DONE
vacuum DONE
laundry basket DONE
cleaning supplies DONE
curtains x 3 DONE x 2

And I am sure as he is moving, we will come across things we have completely forgotten. Did you notice anything we have forgotten?

2. My daughter got her first job! So now she is doing homeschool high school, volunteering at the library, hanging with her friends, and working a job! I am so proud of her! (but boy is she busy!!!)

3. My youngest son made the swim team!! I am proud of him! He is practicing and started working out! He is really taking this serious (atleast for now) and working hard!

So maybe I didn't screw them up too bad!!

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