March 21, 2009

Llama Beans

No, not lima beans! Llama beans...llama poo! Ready to be picked up to be added to my not-yet-formed beds! A friend of mine has llamas and is offering me their poo....isn't that awesome! LOL

Llama beans (manure) are a great natural fertilizer and soil amendment. They are lower in organic matter content than manures of most other barnyard livestock (like cows, horses and sheep)--but it still has plenty to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows llama manure to be spread directly onto plants without fear of 'burning' them. Llama "beans", as they are often called, break down slowly, releasing their nutrients into your plants.

Advantages include:
• almost no smell (ideal for indoor plants)
• extremely rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, compared to other barnyard animals
• will not "burn" your plants

The manure can be spread directly on the plants, worked into the soil, or create a ‘tea’ for watering your plants. In potting soil, use 1 part llama manure to 4 parts potting soil. Whole beans for a longer lasting breakdown, or ground up for faster soil nutrition. As a compost tea, use 2 cups of llama “beans” to 1 gallon of water. Let it sit for a day or so, until it becomes a nice brown color, then water your plants as usual with the tea. Keep reusing the tea until it no longer turns brown, then pour the remnants on your plants and start over.

When thinking of manure, which trying to be a gardener - I do a lot, think "outside the box" LOL! Is there a llama farm near you? You may be surprised!

~Words I never thought I'd say~

Hey are we related??

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