April 23, 2009

Six Flags

Well, it's official....we are going to go to Six Flags in two weeks for Homeschool Day. Talked with the kids and we compromised - it was either conference or Six Flags but not both. Six Flags won out!

Now roller coasters are NOT my thing. Guess what ~ two out of three Weasley kids love to ride roller coasters! How did this happen!!

I must have been taken over by aliens yesterday too because...gulp...I agreed to go on ONE roller coaster. Yep, I have set myself up for a heart attack!

Do they want to see their mother grasp her heart in utter horror?? Do they wish to see their mother turn white with fright? Do they want to see their mother cry and scream? Well, actually yes they do!! And they plan on laughing, laughing, laughing! Can you see that person crying, screaming, trying not to throw up? That will be me!!

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